Teaching Companion Dog Training.
Utilizing The Most Humane and Effective Training Methods Guaranteed To Produce Your Desired Result!

Specializing in the family pet
All Breeds -- All Ages Welcome


  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes (our groups have a limited enrollment to ensure individual attention)

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Classes and Certification

  • A Nose to Tail Complete Dog Care Lecture (This is given the 2nd week of Beginner Class)

  • Private Lessons (Packages Available)

Goals for our students:

  1. Leash Training, No Pulling, Walking Nicely at your side.
  2. Recall - Come when called (using hand and verbal commands)
  3. Stay, Sit, Down, and Stand (using hand and verbal commands)

All of our sessions (private or group) include Behavior Modification and Problem Solving (jumping, pulling, mouthing, biting, running away, house training, etc.)